Flat Earth & Phases of the Moon

Some of the debunkers like to throw out that there cannot be a flat earth and still have phases of the moon. Here are some videos with explanations and proofs of how the sun and moon circumnavigate on the flat earth:

Flat Earth – The Moon Explained 100%

 Watch the sun “setting” in the west. It does not just “go down,” it actually goes around the circuit until it is far enough away that it no longer lights our particular area. I found this time-lapse video of a sunset just by Googling. This is not a special “flat earth” video or “flat earth sunset.” This was shot by someone who appreciated sunsets! Check out the setting sun, and then watch the next video. I saw this one first, and THEN found the next one, which is better:

The Earth. Is it really just a big ball floating in space?Globe Planet Earth NASA

  • Spinning on its axis at over 1000 mph?
  • Hurtling around the sun at approximately 67,000 mph?
  • Whizzing through the Milky Way at a milk curdling speed of over 500,000 mph?
  • And warp driving through the heaven at a half-billion mph?

And what about the Sun? 

  • Is it really 93,000 million miles away?sun
  • And close to a million miles in diameter?
  • With a circumference of nearly 3 million miles?
  • And it’s constantly illuminating half of our earth’s surface with the rotation of the earth creating our 24 hour days? our night and days?

OR…. {{shhh…the Earth is FLAT!}} and the sun is not really that big or that far away, but is in fact very close and is illuminating locally!  Check out this amazing video:

BTW: Special credits to the PTB for spraying us with chemtrails which helped here to prove flat earth. Finally something good has come of your evil handiwork. Thankyouverymuch.