Lost Tribes Speech, by Steven M. Collins


Many have failed to find the “lost” ten tribes of Israel because they incorrectly used a “minimalist” approach to the subject. God promised to multiply the population of the ten tribes after they went into exile (Hosea 1:10) and God stated that he had no intention of forsaking them (Jeremiah 51:5) during their exile. The Bible also contains specific clues which enable us to identify the migrating ten tribes throughout history and in the modern world!

There is also much evidence from secular historians about them during their migrations. You can, for free, access an overview of the information contained in my books about the ten tribes’ history by listening to the audio messages linked below. They cite both biblical and secular sources which you can confirm on your own. Those who wish to learn more can order my books to examine the extensive (but overlooked) evidence on this subject.


Click below to listen to Steven M. Collins re the Lost Ten Tribes and other historical information of great interest!

Ten Tribes Part 1

Ten Tribes Part 2


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